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or Do·netsk  (də-nĕtsk′, dŭ-nyĕts′)
A city of eastern Ukraine east-southeast of Kiev. Founded c. 1870, it is the leading industrial center of the region.


(Russian daˈnjɛtsk)
(Placename) a city in E Ukraine: the chief industrial centre of the Donbass; first ironworks founded by a Welshman, John Hughes (1872), after whom the town was named Yuzovka (Hughesovka). Pop: 992 000 (2005 est). Former names (from 1924 until 1961): Stalin or Stalino



a city in E Ukraine, in the Donets Basin. 1,117,000. Formerly, Stalin , Stalino, Yuzovka.
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Noun1.Donetsk - an industrial city in the Donets Basin
Ukraine, Ukrayina - a republic in southeastern Europe; formerly a European soviet; the center of the original Russian state which came into existence in the ninth century
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The plant is close to the city of Donezk, in the heart of the Ukrainian heavy industry.
The three main regional clans usually mentioned by different studies include Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Donezk (Kowall, Zimmer, 2002; Piel, Schulze, Timmermann, 2005, p.