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also Dö·nitz  (dœ′nĭts), Karl 1891-1980.
German naval officer who was chief naval commander during World War II and briefly headed the German government after the death of Adolf Hitler (1945).


 (dœ′nĭts), Karl
See Karl Doenitz.


(German ˈdøːnɪts) or


(Biography) Karl (karl). 1891–1980, German admiral; commander in chief of the German navy (1943–45); as head of state after Hitler's death he surrendered to the Allies (May 7, 1945)
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Adolf Hitler's successor Admiral Karl Donitz had the typed note read over the radio to commanders after the surrender on May 7 1945.
In contrast to this opinion, the small German U-boat staff, centered on Captain Karl Donitz (1891-1980), was convinced that antisubmarine warfare (ASW) weapons were greatly overrated and had not made decisive progress since 1918.
Host preference and seasonal variation of tick (Amblyomma cohaerens Donitz, 1909) on naturally infested cattle in jimma zone, southwestern Ethiopia.
In 2012 Taylor was found guilty of 11 counts of "aiding and abetting" war crimes and crimes against humanity, making him the first head of state to be convicted by an international tribunal since Karl Donitz at the Nuremberg Trials.
When Admiral Karl Donitz received intelligence about the location and character of a convoy, he would direct a number of boats to converge on an area where he expected the convoy to be.
Even the book's catchy title is somewhat misleading, considering the authors' basic and convincing contention that Admiral Karl Donitz was not particularly focusing the campaign on tankers and Allied oil supply but rather following a simpler "tonnage strategy" according to which any sunken Allied ship was undermining the enemy's war effort (p.
Admiral Karl Donitz, left in command of a shattered nation, quietly began probing for surrender terms.
Perhaps significantly, the episodes of Sefer Alexandras preserved in Beinecke Library, MS 918 are those that Saskia Donitz specifically points to as being "derived from Jewish motifs .
Karl Donitz, Baldur von Schirach, and Albert Speer served
Reichelt replied with a response that Admiral Karl Donitz (who had been named by Hitler as his successor ruling the battered remains of Nazi Germany from the tiny Baltic port of Flensberg for 22 days) had given him.
That conviction made history, for it marked the first time a former head of state had been convicted by an international tribunal since 1946, when the Nuremberg trials convicted Karl Donitz, who had briefly been president of Germany after the death of Adolf Hitler.
66) While the age of emancipation usually marks the end of the child support obligations, donitz v.