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 (dŏn′ə, dōn′nä)
Used as a courtesy title before the name of a woman in an Italian-speaking area.

[Italian, from Latin domina; see Doña.]


(ˈdɒnə; Italian ˈdɔnna)
an Italian title of address equivalent to Madam, indicating respect
[C17: from Italian, from Latin domina lady, feminine of dominus lord, master]


(ˈdɔn nɑ)

n., pl. -nas.
1. (cap.) Madam; Lady: an Italian title of respect prefixed to the given name of a woman.
2. an Italian lady.
[1660–70; < Italian < Latin domina, feminine of dominus]
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Noun1.donna - an Italian woman of rankdonna - an Italian woman of rank    
Italian - the Romance language spoken in Italy
adult female, woman - an adult female person (as opposed to a man); "the woman kept house while the man hunted"
References in classic literature ?
Allons, monsieur le professeur--asseyons-nous; je vais vous donner une petite lecon dans votre etat d'instituteur.
I want a smoke, Jane, or a pinch of snuff, to comfort me under all this, 'pour me donner une contenance,' as Adele would say; and unfortunately I have neither my cigar-case, nor my snuff-box.
My grandmother was one of the survivors of the Donner Party.
Multiple spinouts and collisions led to the closing of westbound I-80 at Donner Lake Road in Truckee, California, and traffic was being diverted.
The Best Land Under Heaven: The Donner Party in the Age of Manifest Destiny
Since June, Deutsche Boerse Managed Services provides the IT infrastructure for the trading platform of German private bank Donner & Reuschel.
Immediatement apres l'election, Blatter a promis de [beaucoup moins que] donner une Fifa plus forte a (son) successeur [beaucoup plus grand que].
En effet, le recours au Sukuks necessite la fourniture d'une garantie reelle a donner par l'Etat pour les crediteurs.
Serene Lakes, a cluster of 850 vacation homes ringing a pair of lakes just west of Donner Summit, is still like this--the best of Tahoe without the crowds and traffic.
In a 1981 book, Fred Donner minimized the economic, political, demographic, and environmental factors, which had received much attention in the mid-twentieth century, and argued that the conquests made sense only in the light of the new religious dispensation preached by Muhammad [d.
Pour donner au candidat que l'on a choisi une base importante et suffisamment de voix pour qu'il puisse peser au deuxieme tour, s'il n'est pas qualifie.
An Archaeology of Desperation: Exploring the Donner Party's Alder Creek Camp uses various disciplines to explain the events of the Donner Party, is centered on archaeological investigations in the summers of 2003 and 2004 near Truckee California, and offers analysis of artifacts and bones that reveal what the Donner Party did to survive in their final days.