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2. Dorado A constellation of the Southern Hemisphere near Reticulum and Pictor, containing a great portion of the large Magellanic Cloud.

[Spanish, dolphin (fish), from Late Latin deaurātus, past participle of deaurāre, to gild; see dory2.]


1. (Animals) another name for dolphin3
2. (Animals) a South American river fish of the genus Salminus that resembles a salmon


n, Latin genitive Doradus (dəˈrɑːdəs)
(Celestial Objects) a constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Reticulum and Pictor and containing part of the Large Magellanic cloud
[C17: from Spanish, from dorar to gild, from Latin de- + -aurāre, from aurum gold]
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Noun1.Dorado - a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Reticulum and Pictor; contains most of the Large Magellanic Cloud
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7 billion light-years away from Earth, in the general direction of the Dorado constellation, something very unusual is going on.