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One of a Hellenic people that invaded Greece around 1100 bc and remained culturally and linguistically distinct within the Greek world.

[Latin Dōriānus, from Dōrius, from Greek Dōrios, from Dōris, Doris.]

Do′ri·an adj.


(Peoples) a member of a Hellenic people who invaded Greece around 1100 bc, overthrew the Mycenaean civilization, and settled chiefly in the Peloponnese
1. (Languages) of or relating to this people or their dialect of Ancient Greek; Doric
2. (Peoples) of or relating to this people or their dialect of Ancient Greek; Doric
3. (Music, other) music of or relating to a mode represented by the ascending natural diatonic scale from D to D. See also Hypo-


(ˈdɔr i ən, ˈdoʊr-)

1. a member of a Greek people or group of peoples who overran most of W Greece and the Peloponnesus in the 12th century b.c., bringing Mycenaean culture to an end.
2. of or pertaining to the ancient Greek region of Doris or to the Dorians.
[1595–1605; < Latin Dōri(us) (< Greek Dṓrios Dorian) + -an1]
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Noun1.Dorian - a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric GreeksDorian - a member of one of four linguistic divisions of the prehistoric Greeks
Hellene, Greek - a native or inhabitant of Greece
2.Dorian - the ancient Greek inhabitants of Doris who entered Greece from the north about 1100 BC
citizenry, people - the body of citizens of a state or country; "the Spanish people"
Adj.1.Dorian - of or relating to the ancient Greek inhabitants of Doris, to their Doric dialect of Greek, or to their culture
References in classic literature ?
All in a moment through the gloom were seen Ten thousand Banners rise into the Air With Orient Colours waving: with them rose A Forrest huge of Spears: and thronging Helms Appear'd, and serried Shields in thick array Of depth immeasurable: Anon they move In perfect PHALANX to the Dorian mood Of Flutes and soft Recorders; such as rais'd To highth of noblest temper Hero's old Arming to Battel, and in stead of rage Deliberate valour breath'd, firm and unmov'd With dread of death to flight or foul retreat, Nor wanting power to mitigate and swage With solemn touches, troubl'd thoughts, and chase Anguish and doubt and fear and sorrow and pain From mortal or immortal minds.
Your rank and wealth, Harry; my brains, such as they are--my art, whatever it may be worth; Dorian Gray's good looks--we shall all suffer for what the gods have given us, suffer terribly.
I want you to explain to me why you won't exhibit Dorian Gray's picture.
I turned half-way round and saw Dorian Gray for the first time.
They add also that the Dorian word for'doing' is {delta rho alpha nu}, and the Athenian, {pi rho alpha tau tau epsilon iota nu}.
He hears the echoes of a horn in a hill country, in the Notch Mountains, for example, which converts the mountains into an Aeolian harp,--and this supernatural tiralira restores to him the Dorian mythology, Apollo, Diana, and all divine hunters and huntresses.
There thou shalt hear and learn the secret power Of harmony, in tones and numbers hit By voice or hand, and various-measured verse, AEolian charms and Dorian lyric odes, And his who gave them breath, but higher sung, Blind Melesigenes, thence Homer called, Whose poem Phoebus challenged for his own.
Hellen had three sons, Dorus, Xuthus, and Aeolus, parents of the Dorian, Ionic and Aeolian races, and the offspring of these was then detailed.
Quite the reverse, he replied; and if so the Dorian and the Phrygian are the only ones which you have left.
And these, he replied, are the Dorian and Phrygian harmonies of which I was just now speaking.
The Doric temple preserves the semblance of the wooden cabin in which the Dorian dwelt.
There is a fair and fruitful island in mid-ocean called Crete; it is thickly peopled and there are ninety cities in it: the people speak many different languages which overlap one another, for there are Achaeans, brave Eteocretans, Dorians of three-fold race, and noble Pelasgi.