Doric dialect

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Noun1.Doric dialect - the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Doris
Ancient Greek - the Greek language prior to the Roman Empire
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While Buckie High School pupil Katie Wilson used the Doric dialect native to the north east of Scotland to write a touching essay - Becus a hae a sister a hae a friend - about her bond of with her younger sister.
The Doric dialect is all but impenetrable, but it does explain why Aberdeen became know as Furry Boot town.
A sociolinguistic study of attitudes towards and proficiency in the Doric dialect in Aberdeen.
Stesichorus' works were mainly narrative poems dealing with myths, and he wrote in the Doric dialect.
The octogenarian - renowned for his passionate support of Scottish traditional music and the Doric dialect - has decided to step down from Take the Floor.
However, these seem to include many words that are also used in other dialects of Scots, which indicates how difficult it can be to identify what is purely an item of Doric dialect.
But getting her tongue around the cadences of North-east Scotland's Doric dialect may be another matter.