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(ˈdɔr sɪtˌʃɪər, -ʃər)

a county in S England. 662,900; 1024 sq. mi. (2650 sq. km). Also called Dorset.
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With Wordworth's simple tastes this sum was enough to live upon for several years, so he asked his dearly loved sister Dorothy to make her home with him, and together they settled down to a simple cottage life in Dorsetshire.
There's an aunt of mind down in Dorsetshire that was going to die when I was eight years old, and hasn't kept her word yet.
It is now three years ago (she had just reached her fourteenth year,) that I removed her from school, to place her under the care of a very respectable woman, residing in Dorsetshire, who had the charge of four or five other girls of about the same time of life; and for two years I had every reason to be pleased with her situation.
He had ridden over to Poole, one November day, with his fellow-squire, Peter Terlake, in quest of certain yew-staves from Wat Swathling, the Dorsetshire armorer.
I should not allow any one to travel until they had visited Kent and Dorsetshire-- Kent for the hops, and Dorsetshire for its old stone cottages.
In 1795 Wordsworth and his sister moved from the Lake Region to Dorsetshire, at the other end of England, likewise a country of great natural beauty.
I little thought, sir, when I told you you were not of the Clennams of Cornwall, that I was ever going to tell you who were of the Dorrits of Dorsetshire.
And a very good living it was," Charles added: "only five-and-twenty miles from Uppercross, and in a very fine country: fine part of Dorsetshire.
We play the Free Foresters, the Dorsetshire Gentlemen, and probably some local lot as well.
Some survivors were later picked up by HMS Dorsetshire.
In 1857 and at the height of the Indian Mutiny, she was chartered by the Royal Navy to convey officers, their wives, children and their schoolmistress and around 350 rank and file of the 54th of Foot, the Dorsetshire Regiment, who were tasked with reinforcing the troops already fighting the mutineers.