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n.1.(Fine Arts) A spear bearer; a statue of a man holding a spear or in the attitude of a spear bearer. Several important sculptures of this subject existed in antiquity, copies of which remain to us.
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Once he satisfied the bestial lust, he went to Doryphorus that even married, after she had married Sporus" (Suetonius 1958: 250).
That the emperor Nero is reported to have "married" Sporus (whom he had had castrated) as a man and Doryphorus as a woman shows nothing about what was considered healthy or normal even in imperial Rome.
Similar species: A member of the nomadus species-group with close similarities to doryphorus.
The elderly emperor Galba is said to have preferred mature and masculine men, according to Suetonius, and Nero supposedly "married" a freed gladiator named Doryphorus.
listed the mathematical principles of statuary proportion, exemplified by his own best work, which also became called The Canon: the statue often called today the Doryphorus (The Spearbearer).
Second, The Canon was immediately recognized as such in the contemporary artistic world: as the written sources attest, the Doryphorus "swiftly entered the consciousness of both the literary elite and its wider audience, becoming a handy simile, even a cliche, to be deployed as appropriate" (Stewart 1990, 1.
or Universal Type, studying his face and finding it pleasing; Helms having brief affairs, flings really, with the rich and/or famous (the big name dropped is Tony Perkins); Helms pumping iron to produce "a body like the Doryphorus of Polyclitus"; getting his nose bobbed to improve his chances; Helms "cruising & kissing & drinking & passing out in the johns.
36) If Epaphroditus became a libellis in 62, on the execution of Doryphorus, Epictetus can have been little over ten years old at most by the time the earlier phase of his master's career came to an end - not the most relevant stage of their relationship unless the episode of Felicio, when Epictetus was the slave of an Epaphroditus, is to be placed in the same period.
Genitalia as in Figs 70-72 (East Africa) doryphorus sp.