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Comme ce que Genette avait affirme, nous savons que les maitres que Proust cite par lui-meme sont << Balzac, Dostoievsky, George Eliot, Dickens ou Hardy, auxquels viennent s'adjoindre quelques modeles qu'on pourrait appeler preromanesques : Sevigne, Saint-Simon dans l'ordre de la narration, Chateaubriand, Ruskin dans celui de la description, Ruskin encore et peut-etre Bergson pour la dissertation, sans compter l'apport de genres mineurs que Proust avait lui-meme pratiques dans ses debuts, comme ces chroniques mondaines du Figaro que l'on trouve presque toutes, et presque intactes, dans son ceuvre (29).
When Greene, as a young man, was informed by his psychoanalyst that a consulted specialist had made a diagnosis of epilepsy, the analyst hastened to "comfort" Greene "by pointing out that Dostoievsky too had suffered from epilepsy" (187).
completed his doctorate in 1942 with his Dostoievsky et le problem du mal, he did not begin his academic career until the 1950s when he became a professor of moral theology at St.
Gift Range, Colour Coordinated and Dostoievsky flew the flag for Ballymacoll at the start of the last decade with John Oxx, but until Eleanora Duse won the Group 2 Blandford Stakes last season the team had not even had a runner in the country for two years.
In your first answer, you mentioned Enrique Lihn, whose life served as a rough model for the life of the protagonist of La Casa de Dostoievsky.
More characteristic is the way she places the Italian films she treats within a spectrum of aesthetic options followed out not just by earlier masterpieces in the medium but by canonical novelists (Stendhal, Dostoievsky, etc.
de Sevigne, like Elstir, like Dostoievsky [and like Proust himself], begins with the cause, shows us first of all the effect, the illusion that strikes us.
Dostoievsky also wrote House Of The Dead and,heaven forbid, The Idiot.
They agreed that Dostoievsky was the greatest novelist of all time, but Stephen had only contempt for Marcel Proust, whom Raymond swore by, but didn't read" (35-36).
Dostoievsky has one of his heroes say: "You're no atheist, you are joyful.