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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: matrix printer - a printer that represents each character as a pattern of dots from a dot matrixdot matrix printer - a printer that represents each character as a pattern of dots from a dot matrix
ink-jet printer - a printer that produces characters by projecting electrically charged droplets of ink
printer - (computer science) an output device that prints the results of data processing
stylus printer, wire matrix printer, wire printer - an impact printer in which each character is represented by a pattern of dots made by wires or styli
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Various Printers & Scanners 10 passbook printers, 25 laserjet printers, 30 dot matrix printers, 7 fast dot matrix printers & 30 scanners).
Dot matrix printers are ideally suited for offices and companies which have huge printing requirements, especially logistics firms and industrial manufacturing units, making the launch of the LQ-2190 extremely significant in the Middle East market, which is a base for a large number of logistics companies.
s ink jet, laser, and dot matrix printers and color flatbed scanners.
Dot matrix printers are less expensive than laser printers, but are noisier and slower.
Older technology such as dot matrix printers may not calibrate sufficiently to comply with the new standards laid out by the CPA.
Tenders are invited for supply of 81 passbook printers, 83 laser jet printers, 80 dot matrix printers, 41 fast dot matrix printers and 50 scanners.
These users have typically relied on dot matrix printers because of their low cost and durability," he continued.
OSZ has been manufacturing monochrome LED printers as well as dot matrix printers, and is now expected to manufacture 40,000 digital LED color printers this fiscal year.
The study was conducted among end users of personal computer laser and dot matrix printers at office-based businesses.
and a subsidiary of Oki Data Corporation of Japan, markets under the OKI Printing Solutions brand PC peripheral equipment including digital color and monochrome printers, serial impact dot matrix printers, multifunction products and facsimiles.
New (i) 80 Col Dot Matrix printers Nos 28 Nos Make: Epson LX 310 (ii) 136 Col Dot Matrix printers Nos 14 Nos Make : Epson LQ 1310 2.