Double acrostic

a species of enigma<- crossword="" puzzle="" -="">, in which words are to be guessed whose initial and final letters form other words.

See also: Acrostic

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Additional acrostics include a double acrostic involving the initial and second letter of each versicle (these letters are duplicated in the margin) and an abecedarium (fol.
Alex Beard submits the double acrostic lyric poem "'BLUES: John Colb" that has an acrostic on the left and right ends.
My parents were both writers: my dad a journalist, my mother a not-at-all successful short story writer, though she created and sold many crossword puzzles and double acrostics.
There are two double acrostics (the first letters of each line spell a word and so do the last letters); a cross acrostic (the hidden word appears diagonally); and a multiple acrostic (the vertical words appear in several places throughout).