double bond

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double bond
double bond between oxygen atoms

double bond

A covalent bond in which two electron pairs are shared between two atoms.

double bond

(Chemistry) a type of chemical bond consisting of two covalent bonds linking two atoms in a molecule

dou′ble bond′

a chemical linkage consisting of two covalent bonds between two atoms of a molecule, represented in chemical formulas by two lines, two dots, or four dots, as CH2=CH2; CH2:CH2; CH2::CH2.

dou·ble bond

A type of covalent bond in which two electron pairs are shared between two atoms. Each atom contributes two electrons to the bond. See more at covalent bond.
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Noun1.double bond - a covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms
covalent bond - a chemical bond that involves sharing a pair of electrons between atoms in a molecule
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Even more challenging is the direct, enantioselective functionalization of unreactive C-H and C-C double bonds which would lead to valuable, optically active products which are highly desirable for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industries.
As the propagation reaction continues, these pendent double bonds are attacked by radical sites either on the same chain or on different chains.
After a brief introductory chapter on green synthesis, chapters cover carbon-carbon bond formation; various reactions for the formation of carbon-oxygen single and double bonds; and reactions for the synthesis of carbon-halogen, carbon-sulphur, carbon-nitrogen, nitrogen-nitrogen double bonds, and nitrogen-oxygen bond formations.
For this purpose, four divinyl monomers whose double bonds had different polymerization reactivity were designed, and then properties were calculated based on density functional theory (DFT) using standard B3LYP/6 - 31g(d), B3LYP/6 - 31 + g(d,p), and B3Iyp/6-311 + g(3df,2pd) method and basis set combinations.
1-15% mole of polyol or polyacid monomers and being curable through double bonds.
Following an introduction to nomenclature and general mechanisms, chapters discuss mechanisms of CTI around the carbon-carbon double bonds via the triplet state; retinal binding proteins; non-retinal chromophoric proteins; fatty acids and phospholipids; in silico dynamic studies in organic and biological systems; chemical aspects of the restricted rotation of esters, amides, and related compounds; amide CTI in peptides and proteins; enzymes catalyzing peptide bond CTI; tailoring amides; peptidyl prolyl isomerases as new targets for novel therapeutics; and metal complexes.
During metathesis, molecules that contain carbon-carbon double bonds swap groupings of atoms.
You don't want too many double bonds in the oil," says Sevim Erhan, research leader for the U.
s alpha olefins, featuring highly accessible terminal double bonds, are major petrochemical building blocks used in a wide variety of applications.
The book is divided into five sections that deal with selectivity, carbon-carbon single bonds, carbon-carbon double bonds, stereochemistry and functional group strategy.
Key statement: A rubber material is described, modified with a barrier material in the form of a copolymer which can be produced via ring-opening metathesis polymerization of a) at least one olefin monomer selected from the group consisting of monocyclic olefin monomers having one or two endocyclic C--C double bonds and bicyclic olefin monomers having one endocyclic C--C double bond and b) at least one polycyclic olefin monomer having at least two C--C double bonds.