Double counterpoint

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(Mus.) that species of counterpoint or composition, in which two of the parts may be inverted, by setting one of them an octave higher or lower.

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Wagner creates a kind of hermeneutic double counterpoint of questions and answers, in which the musical and dramatic strata continually shift positions .
The discussion of the two double fugues ignores their use of double counterpoint, particularly as this is demonstrated in several climactic entries of the subject in parallel thirds and sixths; instead these passages are referred to misleadingly as canones sine pausis (canons at a zero time interval), and they are understood as representations of the "positive" qualities "lightness and joy" (p.
In what followed, he praised her devotion to her 'domestic concerns, for a woman who neglects them, be it for oil colours, or for rhyme, or for double counterpoint always calls to mind instinctively .