Double dealer

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Dou´ble deal´er

1.One who practices double dealing; a deceitful, trickish person; a person who says one thing and does another.
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1) But decades before Wright's Native Son became a Book-of-the-Month Club offering in 1940, earlier African American authors in general--and Jean Toomer in particular--attained visibility in the pages of The Double Dealer at the very time when Faulkner was publishing there.
Meanwhile, Ashley has been summoned to the SFA on March 2 to answer claims he's a double dealer.
Auto Business News-January 20, 2015--Nissan to double dealer outlets in India
Satish Seemar is represented by Double Dealer, the mount of leading rider Richard Mullen, with apprentice Marc Monaghan on stablemate Signs In The Sand.
Excellent Guest, Double Dealer and Loving Spirit don't tick that box.
40 Newmarket Sporting (50:30:20:10) 8-11 Chil The Kite, 7-9 Mukhadram, 6-8 Bronze Angel, Mijhaar, 5-7 Rewarded, 4-6 Jack's Revenge, Kings Warrior, 3-5 Man Of Action, Mull Of Killough, Swiftly Done, 2-4 Credit Swap, Edmaaj, Fury, Postcript, Spanish Duke, Start Right, Talk About, 1-3 Anderiego, Arabian Star, Bancnuanaheireann, Boom And Bust, Burano, Double Dealer, Excellent Guest, Loving Spirit, Making Eyes, Prince Of Johanne, Spas Dancer, Stevie Thunder, 0.
The chapter on the 1920s, when Steins work and personality were reviewed, synopsised, criticized and parodied by magazines of every calibre from Vanity Fair to The Double Dealer, and newspapers from The New York Times to the Christian Science Monitor, is the most comprehensive.
He's loud, large and a double dealer when it comes to woman.
Yet when John McClure of the Double Dealer asks about the work of Georgia Douglas Johnson (presumably for publication), Toomer dismisses her as "never wholly good, never individualized.
The double dealer from the Dominican Republic wanted Arthur to work with him and pass on tips about Harrison in Las Vega.
The net began to close in on the double dealer though when Ms Noble realised her bank accounts had been plundered.
on Dryden and Milton, on Dryden's 'staging of popular politics', on Dryden and Purcell, on Dryden and Congreve's collaboration in The Double Dealer, on Dryden's translation of Virgil and Homer, on Dryden's 'alter egos in his later career', on the works of the elderly Dryden and a challenging final essay by David Hopkins on 'editing, authenticity, and translation: re-presenting Dryden's poetry in 2000'.