Double floor

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(Arch.) a floor in which binding joists support flooring joists above and ceiling joists below. See Illust. of Double-framed floor.

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For a car of this size the Civic offers generous passenger space for five while the double floor boot (offering 477 litres of space) means there is rarely a problem accommodating luggage.
Boot capacity is also half decent, with a double floor plus pocket at each corner.
The box has a double floor and its framing is 2"x4" lumber.
Construction of phase one of the Agrarian Reform Building in Shebin El Kom comprising a double floor & an external fence.
From an airy interior with ample head and legroom for three adults across the back, to the large boot with double floor, there's plenty of flexibility.
The Icon has a double floor at the back as well which is useful for both concealing items as well as offering additional load bed if needed.
And there's still a double floor, making the boot easy to load, and the passenger seat backrest can be folded over to accommodate long items.
Requiring no tampering with the airframe structure the systems consists of a double floor insert that is dropped in the rear cabin and on which are affixed the pylons that carry the weapons outside the rear doors on both sides.
The Pivot Double floor lamp from Adesso has two adjustable shades that adjust 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.
Main duplex offers double floor heights, crystal chandelier, skylight, private patio, three working fireplaces, greenhouse extension and interior spiral staircase.