a.1.Applied to a kind of rowing in which the rowers sit side by side in twos, a pair of oars being worked from each bank or thwart.
References in classic literature ?
It is often the case that when a boat is stove, its crew, being picked up by another boat, help to work that second boat; and the chase is thus continued with what is called double-banked oars.
All possible precautions had been taken against the terrorists, and the way from the cathedral, through Lisbon's streets, was double-banked with troops, while a squad of two hundred mounted troopers surrounded the carriage.
Excelerate's floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU), EXQUISITE, received 130,000 cubic meters of LNG from the FSRU EXCELERATE using the double-banked LNG transfer system.
I was crew for what is known as the all-comers whalers crew which is a double-banked whaler of 27cwt.
Offices and interview rooms are double-banked off the corridor which swells at its mid point into a light-filled reception area.
Using Excelerate Energy's regasification vessel, EXEMPLAR and the conventional LNG carrier CADIZ KNUTSEN, 73,778 cubic meters of LNG were transferred using the double-banked LNG transfer system.
Internal organisation is admirably economical, with cellular offices double-banked off a spinal corridor that rises gently through the building from the entrance hall, following the gradient of the site.
Craig Bellamy has been double-banked this week - and Sir Bobby Robson is now banking on his 24-year-old striker in tomorrow's game at Goodison Park.
The regular rhythm of solid and void evokes the basalt columns of the Causeway and, more practically, suits the repetitive nature of hotel plans--here, rooms and suites are simply double-banked off spinal corridors.
Some offices get their daylight from this dramatic space, others from the perimeter, allowing office corridors to be double-banked.
Individual hotel rooms, of which there is a great variety, are arranged along double-banked corridors round a tall, rather narrow central court which is virtually open at its east end to prevent claustrophobia, and to open views to a small local park and a long disused theatre, now in the course of restoration.
The problem with double-banked corridors is of course their institutional character: extend them enough and you arrive in Kafka's Castle.