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also doub·le·hand·ed  (dŭb′əl-hăn′dĭd)
1. Having or using two hands: a double-handed salute.
2. Intended for use with two hands: a double-handed fly rod.
3. Working or done with the assistance of another.
4. Nautical Of, being, or restricted to a two-person sailing crew: a double-handed regatta.
In a double-handed manner.

doub′le-hand′ed·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
It will do to cage with the other animal we carry; then we may go back double-handed into the settlements, and set up for showmen, around the court-houses and gaols of Kentucky.
Then these are your instructions, and I beg, my dear Watson, that you will obey them to the letter, for you are now playing a double-handed game with me against the cleverest rogue and the most powerful syndicate of criminals in Europe.
1-ranked doubles player with a double-handed grip on both sides.
The race saw new levels of achievement and endurance with Pip Hare and Charles Hill becoming the first to ever complete the race double-handed.
Dr Richard Newland is set to double handed double-handed with Royale Knight - another who missed the cut at Aintree - to join Pineau De Re at Ayr.
Paul Young is double-handed with Jaytee Spartacus and Millwards Mates and there is little to choose between them based on semi-final evidence.
We're double-handed in the big five-furlong handicap on Sunday with Rasaman and ROTHESAY CHANCER (5.
Sheikh Mohammed's operation are likely to be double-handed after Energizer was supplemented, as anticipated.
THE 470 is a pairs event which takes place in a double-handed monohull planing dinghy with a centreboard, Bermuda rig, and centre sheeting.
It is the finale of the jumps season at the Esher track and while Nicholls has already secured another champion trainer title after his Grand National victory at Aintree, he may be double-handed through the quirky Tidal Bay, who has been left with top-weight, and Aldertune.
Now chairman of the Association of the Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors, he is a master instructor in both single-handed and double-handed disciplines.
The Godolphin team are double-handed in the race with the Mahmood Al Zarooni-trained Miss Jean Brodie taking a big jump in class following an eyecatching success in a Doncaster maiden.