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a.1.Having two heads; bicipital.
Double-headed rail
(Railroad) a rail whose flanges are duplicates, so that when one is worn the other may be turned uppermost.
References in classic literature ?
many’s the good shot, round, double-headed, and grape, that I’ve seen the doctors at work on.
To his groping hands they felt not unlike double-headed bootjacks.
Breeder Stephen Evans, 34, spotted the double-headed bearded dragon lizard when checking eggs that had hatched on Thursday.
The Juicer is a simple, double-headed micro USB cable that can transfer power from one mobile device to the other.
It's like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park," laughs Sue, of their double-headed interview slots.
In his reaction to GE-l, Erdoy-an had said: "We did not bring this country to where it is today with a double-headed government and this country will go nowhere in the future with a double-headed government.
Although the idea that the double-headed eagle was the most important symbol of Albanians irrespective of where they lived dominated the debate, there were also such who argued that the lion as a symbol was not unknown to the Albanian history.
The Airbus A319, emblazoned with a double-headed eagle and Serbia's national red, blue and white colours, took off for Abu Dhabi.
An Airbus A319 plane bearing a double-headed eagle logo in Serbia's national, red, white and blue colors is making its first flight Saturday to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, marking the company's official launch.
UNLIKE David Williamson (Daily Post, Tuesday), I suspect Cameron has a double-headed penny.
Which European country's flag is a double-headed black eagle on a red background?
Lazio, Eintracht Frankfurt and Crystal Palace all share the moniker, while Turkish side Besiktas are the Black Eagles, Hungary's Ferencvaros are the Green Eagles, AEK Athens are the Double-Headed Eagle, and the Dutch league has the Go Ahead Eagles.