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a.1.Capable of being doubted; questionable.
2.Worthy of being feared; redoubtable.
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With this in mind, it's highly doubtable that West Indies will make huge changes to their squad that has gone down twice so far.
Al-Ahly attacking midfielder, Abdallah el-Said failed to complete Al-Ahly's last training session and his participation in tonight's game is doubtable.
It's a funny romp that involves a botched kidnapping, a princess of doubtable origins and hapless hacks.
Furthermore, the testing questions sheet is used for students to ask advanced solution explanation in case that the explanations of peers are unclear or doubtable (see Table 1).
The BISP investigators also found doubtable withdrawal worth Rs34.
The Babinski sign provides evidence of a PTD, but sometimes either its absence or its doubtable presence make further clinical and paraclinical examinations necessary in a patient under suspicion of a PTD, simply because its sensitivity is low.
Many customers were then reluctant to spend high amounts on leaves which they could barely see and which may be of doubtable quality.
Within democratic societies, defictionalization may determine the ethics of readers less frightened by censored fiction than by doubtable morality in any discourse realm; some of these readers might want to censor fiction and accuse the FABA rather than run the risk of spreading immorality.