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Variant of Dukhobor.


(ˈduːkəʊˌbɔː) or


(Christian Churches, other) a member of a Russian sect of Christians that originated in the 18th century. In the late 19th century a large minority emigrated to W Canada, where most Doukhobors now live
[from Russian dukhoborcy spirit wrestler, from dukh spirit + borcy wrestler]


or Du•kho•bor

(ˈdu koʊˌbɔr)

a member of a religious sect originating in Russia in the 18th century, believing in the supreme authority of the inner voice, rejecting the establishment of churches, and opposing civil authority.
[1875–80; < Russian dukhobór, dukhobórets, Old Russian dukhoborĭtsĭ literally, one who fights against the Holy Ghost (compare Russian dukh spirit, boréts wrestler)]
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These are the Mennonites, Church of the Brethren (also called Tunkers or Dunkards), Hutterites, Doukhobors, and the Society of Friends or Quakers.
2) These terrorist campaigns include the SOF Doukhobors and the Front de Liberation du Quebec.
Doukhobors and Quakers, established pacifist communities in the region, welcomed and provided haven for draft resisters.
Scott lamented that in prewar Canada, "[tjhere were no less than six minorities to whom we [as Canadians] denied full citizenship on grounds of race: Indians, East Indians, Eskimo, Chinese, Japanese and Doukhobors.
Including Ukrainians, Icelanders, Mennonites, Doukhobors, Jews, Poles, Germans, and other Scandinavians, the book compares the ways these groups have remembered their "pioneer" origins by marking the prairie landscape with cemeteries, centennials, jubilees, state-sponsored memorials, and more private observances.
30) Among non-indigenous peoples, Woodcock pointed to religious-based communitarians such as the Doukhobors and Mennonites as well as the counter-culture agrarian communes of the 1960s as examples of anarchistic mutual aid in action.
Saskatchewan has special mention for the marriage of Doukhobors.
An unnamed cabinet spokesman said the government would not respond to any Catholic pressure lest other groups, including the Doukhobors, Mennonites and Seventh Day Adventists, seek the same privileges and make the "school system inefficient, expensive and chaotic.
Tolstoy's monetary assistance to the Doukhobors is mentioned, along with his endorsement of their pacifist and communal lifestyle.
Recent research into cabinet notes of the day have revealed that a handful of right-wing ministers in the Saint Laurent government had serious doubts about freedoms for all religions (fear of naked Doukhobors was rampant at the time).
In "Hoodoo Valley," a group of Doukhobors looking for a place to settle are convinced that Providence has led them to a spot that seems exactly like their beloved homeland.
Or are they a cultural or ethnic offshoot of a larger people, like the Doukhobors or Easter Island people?