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1. A usually round pin that fits tightly into a corresponding hole to fasten or align two adjacent pieces.
2. A piece of wood driven into a wall to act as an anchor for nails.
tr.v. dow·eled, dow·el·ing, dow·els also dow·elled or dow·el·ling
1. To fasten or align with dowels: table legs that are doweled to the top.
2. To equip with dowels.

[Middle English doule, part of a wheel, perhaps from Middle Low German dovel, plug, or from Old French doele, barrel stave ( diminutive of douve, from Late Latin doga, vessel, from Greek dokhē, receptacle, from dekhesthai, to take; see dek- in Indo-European roots).]


(Building) a wooden or metal peg that fits into two corresponding holes to join two adjacent parts. Also called: dowel pin
[C14: from Middle Low German dövel plug, from Old High German tubili; related to Greek thuphos wedge]


(ˈdaʊ əl)

n., v. -eled, -el•ing (esp. Brit.) -elled, -el•ling. n.
1. Also called dow′el pin`. a pin, usu. round, fitting into holes in two adjacent pieces to prevent their slipping or to align them.
2. a round wooden rod of relatively small diameter.
3. to reinforce or furnish with dowels.
[1300–50; < Middle Low German dovel plug, c. Old High German tubili]
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Noun1.dowel - a fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them togetherdowel - a fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them together
fastening, holdfast, fastener, fixing - restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place


[ˈdaʊəl] Nclavija f


nDübel m
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Fold down the top edge of the fabric, and sew a casing for the dowel rod.
Start with a dowel rod and raise it over head and back down.
Our data did not support the horizontal-vertical illusion hypothesis because the majority of the students with visual impairments could not estimate the length of a dowel rod within a 40% error rate, whether oriented vertically or horizontally.
Poke a hole with the pencil or hole punch under each of the door-shaped openings for the dowel rod.
It's basically a dowel rod that we've coated in friction tape, and we've marked it in centimeter increments.
I even shot in a league with a guy who made his own spike release from a dowel rod, some release rope and a bent and polished nail.
Materials: 1 small log (7 to 21 inches thickness may vary from 4 inches or larger) 1 1/4-inch dowel rod Wood glue 1 medium eyebolt Directions: 1.
From a pencil sized dowel rod to a thigh sized sapling this little baby keeps on cutting.
At home, I would place a dowel rod across two of my drum stands and, using my bed as the "foam pit," pretend I was Oregon State's Dick Fosbury, flopping into Olympic fame.