n.1.Feathery or wool-like down; filament of a feather.
No feather, or dowle of a feather.
- De Quincey.
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He bowed as the warning bell rang, and Mainhall whispered: "You know Lord Westmere, of course,--the stooped man with the long gray mustache, talking to Lady Dowle.
Swansea Crown Court heard 28-year-old Dowle had spent 10 years in the army, and completed two tours of Afghanistan.
30): Glynn Storer (Windmill), Lee Cavill (Windmill), Tom Hanson (Pudsey), James Hanson (Pudsey), Nigel McDermott (Dodworth), Ian Dowle (Dodworth), Robert Maude (L Hopton), Barry Tinker (Longwood), Dave Fox (Kirkheaton Con), Chris Bly (Bury), Simon Reeson (Lincs), Gary Ellis (Whitefield), Graham Law (Cumbria), Darren Griffiths (Chadderton), John Kennish, Colin Scorah (Denby Grange).
Enquiries to Fawcett & Hetherington Funeral Service 01642 459555 DOWLE ANNE Heartbroken to have lost you, lovely lady.
It also expanded into Shetland during its latest financial year with the acquisition of Lerwick practice Dowle, Smith & Rutherford.
Chris Dowle, Director of Biologics at CPI, said: "CPI is supporting the commercialisation of research by promoting collaboration with industry across the supply chain, from research through to manufacture and clinic.
Adam Dowle (Proteomics Technology Facility, Department of Biology, University of York, United Kingdom), for his critical review on mass spectrometry analysis, and SinaClon Bioscience (Tehran, Iran) for facilitating the exchange of data.
Although Blackwood did at least take away two bonus points after scoring four tries of their own through Ben Snell, Jamie Dowle, Michael Preece and David Brake with Dowle also kicking three conversions and a penalty.
Tim Curry is Terrence, a rather condescending yet helpful toucan with a flair for colours who is distinctly English, while Kennie Dowle is a French spider.
A warrant demanding the 24-year-old from Crosby pays PS1,414 he allegedly owes his former landlord David Dowle has now been sent to the Big Brother House.
This contract will create new jobs for the region helping to boost the local economy as well as delivering a state of art centre to boost the competitiveness of the UK biologics sector, said CPI s Dr Chris Dowle, Director of the NBMC.
Samantha Dowle of Victoria Plumb's style team is positive about the campaign's success, "It's a mistake to assume that bathroom renovations have to be expensive -- savvy shoppers can get a stylish bathroom for much, much less.