Down grade

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a descent, as on a graded railroad.

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They could barely keep the traces taut, and on the down grades just managed to keep out of the way of the sled.
6per cent down grade against its previous forecast.
Native Upmanship could prove the threat but he appears to be on the down grade.
Spurgeon, "A Fragment on the Down Grade Controversy," Sword and Trowel 23 (1887): 560.
Drake Johnstone, vice president of research with Davenport & Company, said the merger prospect caused a near term down grade of one of the companies.
I understand that prior to the unexpected Grade 11* listing a senior member of their team said dismissively that they knock down Grade 11 buildings all the time.
He accepted that Dickson, 53, was not financially motivated in knocking down Grade B listed Lanrick Castle, near Doune.
Railtrack had applied for permission to knock down grade A listed Broughty Ferry railway station, near Dundee, because it would cost more than pounds 1 million to refurbish the historic rail stop, built in 1838.
Ofqual did not, as the correspondent stated, 'move down grades for certain syllabuses in certain schools'.
The down grades are more than for any other advanced economy in the world.
The QCA is investigating claims that all three boards involved in A-levels had marked down grades to counter suggestions that the exams had become too easy.
She was a model pupil but she has dropped down grades in every subject.