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Noun1.Dr. Seuss - United States writer of children's books (1904-1991)
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Dr Seuss's Signature courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, undated - Heritage Auctions/Wikimedia Commons CAIRO -- 15 February 2018: Dr Seuss, beloved children's book author famous for "The Cat in the Hat?
IF you love Dr Seuss, Durham's Gala Theatre is the place to head for in the coming days.
Seuss's best-known children's books, and explore The Secret Art of Dr Seuss, a mind-expanding collection based on decades of artwork that Dr.
So executives studied the flowing prose used in Dr Seuss classics such as Green Eggs And Ham.
BASED on the book by Dr Seuss, The Lorax is an environmentally-conscious story of one boy's noble quest to restore balance between avaricious mankind and Mother Nature.
HarperCollins has added to their Dr Seuss list with a hardback The Bippolo Seed and other Lost Stories with pieces originally published in magazines in the early 1950s and now collected together to become the first new Dr Seuss book for over 20 years.
How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss, pounds 5.
99 This is a joyous combination: Dr Seuss and Quentin Blake, two icons of children's literature from either side of the Atlantic, brought together in a marriage of wackiness.
THE colourful characters and gentle wit of Dr Seuss (The Cat In The Hat, How The Grinch Stole Christmas) provide the creative spark for this animated comedy, which promotes the valuable message of equality for all creatures.
That's a whole lifetime ago for the age group which will now get the most out of this new Dr Seuss adaptation which is never as 'Dizzy-ney' as the likes of Meet the Robinsons.
Random House and Dr Seuss Enterprises have organised events and tributes throughout 2004 to celebrate Giesal's centennial year, reports Publishing News.