Draconian punishment

punishment so severe as to seem excessive for the crime being punished.

See also: Draconian

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The draconian punishment and massive fine tell their own story.
So let's not waste energy by calling for draconian punishment.
The Army could, for example, agree to a provision which would provide draconian punishment for anyone who willfully misuses the act and uses it as a cover to carry out illegitimate actions.
A PS70 fine is an extraordinarily draconian punishment for hardly the most heinous of crimes and guaranteed to cause great ill-feeling.
He has had time to digest the draconian punishment meted out to his club by the SFA's Judicial Panel on Monday and yesterday articulated his thoughts and his fears about the impact a 12-month transfer embargo would have on the existence of the club.
The draconian punishment shocked the world and led to Liu winning the Nobel Peace Prize.
Surely justice demands that the perpetrators of violence and intimidation should face draconian punishment, including huge financial penalties and, if necessary attachment to their benefits.
Holocaust denial is, arguably, a far more sensitive subject in Austria than here in the UK, hence the far more draconian punishment.
Shaq received a one game suspension for using profanity in a televised post-game interview, and three games for throwing a wild haymaker at former Bull Brad Miller, so Kobe's two-gamer for a forearm shiver slots in nicely on the Draconian punishment scale of the image conscience NBA.
And if you still feel the need to exercise draconian punishment, get that fat, bald idiot from the Stradey touchline in the dock.
Words like "lying" and "cheating" were thrown around with remarkable abandon - much to the fury of BAR, who insisted that they had merely dipped a tentative toe into what they perceived as a loophole and that, having fully respected the spirit of the law even if tweaking the odd letter, it was a singularly Draconian punishment to wipe out all their points accumulated to date and ban them from two more races, including the ultra- prestigious Monaco Grand Prix.