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Noun1.surface lift - a ski tow that pulls skiers up a slope without lifting them off the ground
ski lift, ski tow, lift - a powered conveyance that carries skiers up a hill
Alpine lift, T-bar, T-bar lift - a surface lift where riders hold a bar and are pulled up the hill on their skis
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A five-minute walk from the residence are the baby slopes which are ideal for beginners and a drag lift up to the gondola providing a five-minute ride to the pistes of the Grand Massif at an altitude of 1,600 metres.
AND THEIR CASTS) | Leading lady Angela Dymot: Broke arm after slipping on ice at work | Choreographer Laura Hallas: Ruptured tricep muscles falling off ski drag lift | Angela Driscoll: Suffering from repetitive hand strain | Anna Constantinou: Concussion and blood loss after hitting head on kitchen cupboard | Lauren Mair Harris: Suffered injury after hitting her head | Carla Gambarini: Bruised ankle in fall | Emma Larder: Strained hip while practising a movement for the show
But as I approached the drag lift with legs of jelly I slid too far forward and ended up in a heap.
We were both new to double T bar lifts, but we could handle a standard drag lift with the best of them.
The toboggan ride - a bike which attaches to a drag lift before leaving you to your own devices at the top of a small hill - with daddy at the controls was also a hit at 2 Euros a go.
Soon we progressed to the ski drag lift, which for a new skier is a challenge in itself, not helped by the scores of French three-year-olds whizzing past looking like Olympic pros.
After a wobbly start and a bit of an incident on the drag lift it all came back to me.
Arthur had me doing some gentle turns and introduced me to the drag lift.
10Pack a disposable camera - your digital will never be the same if you drop it on the drag lift or slopes.
You can step into your skis just a few yards from the door to La Berangere's ski locker room and head down one of the many nursery slopes to a drag lift which gives you access to both mountains.
They admitted training had been wanting and the drag lift, an unsafe practice, had been used in Mr Champion's case and led to his injury.
Later, the princes came to the aid of a six-year-old English boy who fell off a drag lift.