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a.1.resembling a dragon.
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But Eustace, who has turned dragon due to his greedy, selfish, dragonish thoughts, sees the ugliness of the image of himself reflected in the water, falls into a healthy self-hatred that leads to three attempts to dig himself out of his skin before he is redeemed.
47) Ted Hughes, who shares something of Graves's conception of the Goddess, offers in 'The Snake in the Oak' a reading of Coleridge's mythopoeic poems as centring on a muse figure who uncannily resembles Baxter's: a 'Snake Woman' who can be seen as a benevolent Divine Mother but also pursues the poet in nightmares as 'a gargoylish woman, a metamorphic dragonish hag' (Winter Pollen: Occasional Prose, ed.
In his 1911 Yes-vote cartoon in support of a referendum for expanded federal government powers, Case has a sword-wielding Labor hero rescuing a female Australia from a dragonish trust in a nod to the Greek mythology of Perseus and Andromeda.