Drakensberg Mountains

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Dra·kens·berg Mountains

A range of eastern South Africa and Lesotho rising to 3,482 m (11,424 ft).
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I've returned to Africa a few times since, notably wingshooting rock pigeons in the Free State and hunting in the snow for gemsbok and Cape kudu high among the Drakensberg mountains.
Away from the sea, sharks and safari parks lies the Drakensberg Mountains, the highest range in South Africa and one of the most picturesque places in the world.
As farmer settlement and the legislative power of successive Afrikaner and British governments in Natal became increasingly entrenched at the base of the Drakensberg Mountains, communities of San were squeezed into ever smaller territories and their movement and subsistence were increasingly curtailed.
Whether it's cage diving with sharks, watching lions during a game drive or horseback riding in the incredible Drakensberg Mountains - it is a country filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
The Drakensberg Mountains are stunningly beautiful, while Namaqualand in the Northern Cape offers a unique explosion of flowers, but perhaps what is most attractive about South Africa is this rich diversity of cultures.
Kenya and Drakensberg Mountains, which are a highlight for South African tourism.
This water transfer scheme entails the transfer of water from the Tugela River over the Drakensberg Mountains to the Vaal River System to provide for increasing water demand due to urbanisation and industrialisation in the Gauteng area.
While uncommon, cases have occurred in the Drakensberg mountains (authors' experience).
The Drakensberg Mountains or uKhahlamba, known as the Barrier of Spears, is a 200 kilometre-long mountainous wonderland and World Heritage Site.
The landscape of the Drakensberg mountains was powerful enough, and the wildlife was incredible, but it was the African people who really made the filming of Zulu so memorable.
Extreme land, air, and sea adventures, including river rafting down New Zealand's Rangitaiki River; trekking through the dense jungle of Ecuadorean wildlife reserves; and deep-sea fishing or advanced scuba-diving in Turks & Caicos; helicoptering over Tahiti, Australia's Great Ocean Road, South Africa's Drakensberg Mountains, The Hobbit locations, and New Zealand's only active marine volcano.
Prepared as it was for the loss of their former president, the whole country was rocked from the top of the Drakensberg Mountains to the widest veldt, from Cape Town in the east to Durban in the west.