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n.1.One versed in dramaturgy.
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Organised by the Centre of Performing Arts MITOS, this threefold performance under the name The Binding, will take place on Friday in Limassol where director and dramaturgist Kritharas Georgios will explore the boundaries of performance.
There is a very brilliant dramaturgist, his name is Eugene Williams, who teaches at the Jamaica School of Drama; I want him to turn my stories in Until Judgment Comes (2007) into plays and produce them, because it's the way to reach an audience.
Ayesha Mian will discuss ethical issues faced in contemporary educational institutions while dramaturgist and scholar, Dr.
He worked in British theatre while living away from his native land, serving as a dramaturgist at the Royal Court Theater in London (1958-1959).
Many years ago, Roland Barthes stressed the performative dimension of the "discourse of history"--a dimension he illustrated by discussing the writings of those lofty characters, who, like the dramaturgist Jean Racine, served as "historiographers of Kings" (Barthes, 1981).
A hundred years later another Greek, Quintus Ennius (239-169) poet and dramaturgist considered as the "father of Latin literature" introduced in program of these schools classical Latin writers.
The audaciously titled anthology, Teatro cubano actual: Dramaturgist escrita en Estados Unidos (Contemporary Cuban Theatre: Plays Written in the United States), is published in Cuba and well received.
Gilgamesh: A Verse Play (2006) is the product of Komunyakaa's creative collaboration with dramaturgist Chad Gracia, a founding member of Manhattan's Inverse Theatre.
Served as dramaturgist at the Royal Court Theater in London 1958-1959.
The main objective of the incubator is to educate top dramaturgists who will cooperate permanently on czech film projects and will be able to provide the creators with systematic and qualified feedback on their screenplays of feature films.
At the same time, as a matter of fact, as stated by Steiner (128), the defined female spectator "is not (only) the result of male wishful thinking, but a male concept of the female, how male dramaturgists think female persons really are.
It will be shown here that MacDhdmhnaill's and MacCormaic's translations of Macbeth form part of a larger tradition of translators, playwrights and dramaturgists who have brought together Shakespeare's Scottish play and the Gaelic language.