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1. Either of two long narrow straps attached to each end of the bit of a bridle and used by a rider or driver to control a horse or other animal: The left rein slipped out of the driver's hands. The rider pulled on the reins, and the horse began to slow down.
2. A means of restraining or checking: kept a tight rein on expenditures.
3. often reins A means of controlling or directing: the reins of government.
v. reined, rein·ing, reins
1. To check or hold back by the use of reins. Often used with in or up: reined in the horse.
2. To restrain or control. Often used with in: "a team of strong personalities who would test the limits of prudence unless kept firmly reined in" (Tim Zimmerman).
To control a horse, for example, with reins. Often used with in or up.
draw rein
To stop a horse, for example, by pulling on the reins.
draw in the reins
1. To slow down or stop a horse or other animal by putting pressure on the reins.
2. To restrain or control.
give free/full rein to
To release from restraints; allow to go unchecked: gave free rein to her emotions.

[Middle English, from Old French resne, reine, from Vulgar Latin *retina, from Latin retinēre, to retain; see retain.]
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Verb1.draw rein - control and direct with or as if by reins; "rein a horse"
control, command - exercise authoritative control or power over; "control the budget"; "Command the military forces"
References in classic literature ?
As the road led them winding higher into the hills they suddenly emerged upon the downs below the castle where a sight met their eyes which caused them to draw rein and watch in admiration.
Then we started riding him more like a show horse with draw reins, building his back end up - riding in a more classical manner, almost like a dressage horse, to get the right shape about him before we started cantering.
Slippers' Madden did a lot of work with him, taking him out twice a day using draw reins.