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1. The act, process, or result of reducing or depleting: the drawdown of oil supplies; a drawdown of investment capital.
2. A lowering of the water level in a reservoir or other body of water.
3. A reduction of military personnel in a deployment.


1. a depletion or reduction, for example of supplies
2. (Stock Exchange) a continuous decline in an investment or fund, usually expressed as a percentage between its highest and lowest levels
3. (Civil Engineering) the intentional draining of a body of water such as a lake or reservoir, to a given depth
4. (Environmental Science) the intentional draining of a body of water such as a lake or reservoir, to a given depth



1. a lowering of water surface level, as in a well.
2. a reduction or depletion.
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A range is listed to reflect different drawdowns for profiles versus tubes and to account for different cooling media.
In this paper, where we have melt-spun filaments found under uniaxial stress, we have found glassy/mesomorphic products only at low drawdowns/stresses, and all trans-conformation [alpha]-crystalline fibers at higher drawdowns.
Fund balance drawdowns in each of the last two fiscal years are attributable to non-recurring expenditures.
Isotechnika has the right, but not the obligation, to require Azimuth to purchase up to $40 million of Isotechnika common shares in a series of drawdowns (not to exceed 20 drawdowns) over a 24 month period commencing May 25, 2006 and ending May 25, 2008.
As expected, balanced operations returned in fiscal 2005 following two consecutive years of drawdowns, and the recently strengthened fund balance policy should help the town preserve its fiscal equilibrium and further solidify its reserve levels.
From now on, the drawdown will take place just once a year, compared to the past practice of two drawdowns annually.
Officials have incorporated in the multiyear operating plan a gradual increase in funding for OPEB costs, which are to be funded by a combination of increases in recurring revenues and measured drawdowns of reserves.
While the bank has the flexibility to draw down in any currency, it expects drawdowns to be limited to four currencies: the U.
Further, although the current level of reserves is adequate, Fitch believes that unreserved, undesignated fund balance drawdowns to the city's informal policy of 5% will erode financial flexibility to levels no longer consistent with the current rating level.
BOISE, Idaho, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert Saxvik, Idaho member of the Northwest Power Planning Council, said today the Corps of Engineers proposal to conduct a biological test of the effects of reservoir drawdowns on juvenile salmon is consistent with the council's comprehensive program to rebuild Snake River salmon runs.
Similar to other upstate New York counties, Oneida County remains pressured by increasing mandated social service costs, leading to fund balance drawdowns in three out of the last four audited fiscal years.