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 (drāt′n), Michael 1563-1631.
English poet who produced a wide range of works, including sonnets, dramas, satires, and eclogues, such as those in Idea, The Shepherd's Garland (1593).


(Biography) Michael. 1563–1631, English poet. His work includes odes and pastorals, and Poly-Olbion (1613–22), on the topography of England


(ˈdreɪt n)

Michael, 1563–1631, English poet.
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And as it is part of the American temperament to foresee everything in business, even failure, the Honorable Harry Trolloppe, judge commissioner, and Francis Drayton, magistrate, were nominated beforehand!
Dorothea, he said to himself, was forever enthroned in his soul: no other woman could sit higher than her footstool; and if he could have written out in immortal syllables the effect she wrought within him, he might have boasted after the example of old Drayton, that,--
If Drayton were with us again to write a new edition of his incomparable poem, he would sing the nymphs of Hertfordshire as indeterminate of feature, with hair obfuscated by the London smoke.
hag was not a word of reproach: Drayton speaks of a "beautiful hag,
It is clear also in the charming songs of Thomas Campion, a physician who composed both words and music for several song-books, and in Michael Drayton, a voluminous poet and dramatist who is known to most readers only for his finely rugged patriotic ballad on the battle of Agincourt.
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