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Locks of hair in which the individual hairs have been allowed or encouraged to mat together into ropelike masses.

[From Caribbean English dread, follower of Rastafarianism, from dread, righteous fear of God; see dread.]


pl n
(Hairdressing & Grooming) hair worn in the Rastafarian style of long matted or tightly curled strands



a hairstyle of many long ropelike locks.


[ˈdrɛdlɒks] npl (= hairstyle) → dreadlocks fpl


, dreads (inf)
plDreadlocks pl
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Markle added that Radlan has dread locks and a nose ring.
Some of the poets had waterfall dread locks, some of the poets had short white hair, some of the poets looked into the air when they mumbled, some of the poets stared at the table.
He was accompanied by a man wearing dread locks and a white hooded top.
This creepy, suspenseful ghost story by the author of such YA fantasies as Dread Locks and Full Tilt is full of inventive details, like the "Gravity Fatigue" that threatens to pull Nick and Allie down to the center of the Earth, and it will please horror as well as fantasy fans.
Remember how she wore her hair in dread locks but then in her senior year changed the style?
Hoods, male hippy traveller dread locks, medallions, crucifixes, turbans, robes and skull caps do not cover faces, but they do make a statement, as does a shirt, suit and tie.
Neal Shusterman's Dark Fusion: Dread Locks (0525475540, $15.
He and his band Culture Club arrived like a breath of fresh air into the charts amid a flurry of controversy, a face full of foundation, his hair in dread locks and what could quite easily be mistaken for dresses.
NIGERIAN footballers are being discouraged from wearing earrings, dread locks and braids.
No dread locks, no shaven head, no bandana, no piercings, no fake Diesel t-shirt, no decent sandals, no sarong, and no Lonely Planet guidebook can't stand them, I'm a Rough Guide kinda guy.
Picking cotton, sitting on front porches, fishing and dread locks are a few themes she explores in a morphed memoir-essay style.
4) ``The Caveman's Valentine'' required the wigmaker to build ashen dread locks and a full beard for Jackson's homeless character, Romulus Ledbetter.