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a.1.Full of dreams.
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The hours when he had been dragged up from the far shores of a dreamful slumber to shiver forth in the chill darkness to milk and chore, still rankled.
I love to win back title in Indian soul and certainly it would be a gift for my countrymen on the occasion of the Independence Day celebration,' a dreamful Ummam Khawaja said with full confidence.
Pasternak called her a beauty, 'Mediumicka', and he loved her countenance, but her poems he did not really appreciate sometimes reprimanding himself for, perhaps, 'not noticing a great talent, numbed by the soberness and pedantry of his standards': he did not like in those poems the arbitrariness, the dreamful illustrative quality and the surrealism of Lautreamont-like shadows, but the roots of all this lay--not in the attempt to follow the literary fashion, but in the drowsy, half-sleeping, half-insane state, in which Charazova, forever doped by Russia, lived through the revolution, the female tragedy and through her entire life.