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adv.1.In a dreamy manner.
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For they have a message to take into your heart Carry it with you 'if' you have to part, Then with future that seems laden with fear Feel love and compassion, 'ever so dear', Your journey then onward oblivious of pain, Dreamingly drifting down memories' sweet lane, Meeting 'all' who have loved you, With no care and no blame.
and strokes with mother hand along the cheek / of the surging coastline, the red hair of wavy roof tiles / the sea town sliding back into its own watery cradle / dreamingly telling of seven seas, five continents.
The bizarre--an elephant magically falling through the roof of a packed opera house--meshes with the dreamingly poignent--an orphaned brother and sister's wish to be reunited--in a tenderhearted tale that celebrates the connections between us and the courage it takes to follow dreams.
The dramatic tenor of Bashir's composition dreamingly and effortlessly segued with the precarious and exciting tonal moods of Nawazen.
For beneath the prettiness of Kozloff's maps is a point not about the comedy of our ill-informed ancestors and the imperfection of their systems of knowledge, but about the imperfection of such systems generally, and about a dreamingly feverish element in the inventions through which we order the world.
Then a tremendous metamorphosis occurs somewhere between youth and old age and we start to dreamingly look back to "the good old days.