Dredging machine

a machine (commonly on a boat) used to scoop up mud, gravel, or obstructions from the bottom of rivers, docks, etc., so as to deepen them.

See also: Dredge

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According to MMDA Supervising Operations Officer Bong Nebrija, the DPWH will have to tear-down one lane to put its dredging machine in order to lift the Sevilla Bridge.
Contract awarded for Town sewage pumping stations and relay instructions suction dredging machine construction the number of (small) Quote Announcements
The massive dredging machine was freighted to Lac La Biche on the A & GW railroad, and then placed on a 30 by 30 foot barge.
The Hassan Group, Istanbul, Turkey, was established prior to World War II in 1939 by Hassan Sisman as the first producer of padding material utilizing nonwoven methods in Turkey Eventually the company added handmade cotton padding to its production capabilities and its small workshop was expanded soon after the war with the company's first dredging machine.
Contract awarded for 2016 1 difference sewer dredging machine construction
The Provincial board is set to conduct an investigation into the project after the Manila Bulletin published a photo of a dredging machine that is not apparently spewing mud outside the river, as claimed by Board Member Gaudencio Ferrer.
Contract awarded for :baegwon sewer dredging machine construction (annual price contracts)
Contract awarded for 2016 Bible Book sewer dredging machine construction (annual price contracts)
He said a floater assembly is attached to a dredging machine that sucks up sand from the bottom of the sea.
She said the loan would be allocated as follows: P200 million for procurement of dredging machine and heavy equipment, P300 million for the construction of new permanent capitol building, P50 million for acquisition of land and landscaping works, P50 million for the construction of a new provincial jail, P400M for provincial road networks, P500 million for seedlings procurement, P90 million for seedling nurseries; P100 million for educational assistance and P50 million for program equity.
He said a dredge floater assembly is attached to a dredging machine while sucking up sand from the sea bottom.
Contract awarded for The second half of 2014 sewer dredging machine