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 (trä′pə-nē, -pä-)
A city of northwest Sicily, Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea west-southwest of Palermo. An important Carthaginian naval base, it fell to Rome in 241 bc.


(Italian ˈtraːpani)
(Placename) a port in S Italy, in NW Sicily: Carthaginian naval base, ceded to the Romans after the First Punic War. Pop: 68 346 (2001)


(ˈtrɑ pə ni)

a seaport in NW Sicily. 71,430.
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237-238) discusses the Venetians' concern with protecting Nauplion, attested by fortifications along the coast of the Argolid from Nauplion to Drepanon, Porto Heli, and Poros.
117) Pendlebury's account of the roads, rivers, and mountains of Crete refines that of Pashley and likewise suggests that from Kydonia one proceeded to Aptera, then well inland from Cape Drepanon to Vrysses, where the Graeco-Roman bridge crosses the Almyros River, and on to Amphimalla and along the shore to Lappa's port at Hydramia (modern Dramia).
The identification of Cape Drepanon as Hippokoronion is uncertain; cf.