Drew Daniel

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, Daniel 1797-1879.
American financier who as a director of the Erie Railroad manipulated stock prices to his own advantage and with James Fisk and Jay Gould engaged Cornelius Vanderbilt in a bitter stock-market struggle (1866-1868) for control of the railroad.
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Matmos' Drew Daniel acquired a pair of metal shackles from a BDSM store on eBay to recreate a sound heard by one of the people who participated in a telepathy experiment to help drive the concept record.
not enough' Celtic supporter Drew Daniel emailed: "It was with incredulity and annoyance but little surprise that I read the preaching of the saviour of Scottish football in today's Record.
Ring bearers were Christian Cecil Taylor and Drew Daniel Taylor.
The hotel is focused on providing a level of comfort for business travelers --especially those in the Wal-Mart vendor community--that goes a step beyond what is offered by the competition, said Simmons team member Drew Daniel.