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a firearm loaded at the breech with a cartridge carrying its own fulminate, which is exploded by driving a slender needle, or pin, into it.

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The Dreyse needle gun designed in the 1830's was striker-fired.
Beautifully machined and finished, the Vetterli incorporated, in concept, the side loading port, tubular magazine and cartridge lifter of the Winchester Model 1866 and the turning bolt of the Dreyse needle gun with the locking lugs of the Greene/Chassepot.
The remaining cases--Edward III's military accomplishments in the fourteenth century; Louis XIV's operational and institutional reforms in seventeenth-century France; Prussia's adaptation of the Dreyse needle gun, railroads, and expanded armies in the eighteenth century; the pre-World War I battle-fleet arms race between Great Britain and Germany; and the German quest to learn from defeat after World War I--all represent RMAs that conferred at least temporary advantages upon those who sought to incorporate new technologies, doctrines, and institutional reforms in eras of technological change and strategic uncertainty.