Drink offering

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(Script.) an offering of wine, etc., in the Jewish religious service.

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Then they made all fast throughout the ship, filled the mixing bowls to the brim, and made drink offerings to the immortal gods that are from everlasting, but more particularly to the grey-eyed daughter of Jove.
The municipality wants to Schiedam for approximately 5 sites the most effective and high quality hot drink offering to supply the approximately 790 employees with an average number of hot drink consumptions of 650 000 p / year.
ICE cream company Yummy Yorkshire is celebrating after scooping another national award win - this time for its newly expanded food and drink offering.
THIS weekend Kendal town centre will play host to a two day celebration of all things food and drink offering a chance to experience the best the region has to offer.
Artists include celebrated choir and multi-Eisteddfod winners Cor y Mochyn Du, who will open the weekend's celebrations with a repertoire of classic music to celebrate the day and the weekend's food and drink offering promises a bespoke menu featuring some of the greatest Welsh dishes including lamb cawl and cockles and laverbread.
Available to order now, this high protein ready to drink offering gives support for high intensity resistance exercise and assists in the building of muscle mass and strength through muscle protein synthesis.