drivers license

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driv′er's li`cense

a permit, as one issued by a state's motor vehicle bureau, that allows the holder to drive a motor vehicle on public roads.
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Our strategic alliance with Identix allows Digimarc to offer an industry leading biometric capability, with proven accuracy and scalability, for a range of drivers license, law enforcement and security applications.
Polaroid will also install its document production facility in Austin, Texas, where the drivers license documents will be produced and mailed out to motorists, and the information stored in a TDPS central computer database.
Colorado is the first state in the nation to adopt the new Polaroid instant digital imaging system for its drivers license program.
Instead of manually inputting key data into a database, we enable our casino clients to do this in real time with the swipe of a drivers license.
Digimarc ID Systems, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Digimarc Corporation (Nasdaq:DMRC), today announced that the facial recognition technology Digimarc sources for drivers license applications in North America, FaceIt(R), was a top performer according to the recent Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2002 sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
1, 1999, Minnesota activated a Graduated Drivers License (GDL) system, adding a provisional license stage for young drivers.
Our relationship with Costa Rica began in 1998 when Costa Rica was the first country in Latin America to introduce a digital drivers license using Digimarc ID systems technology and solutions," said John Munday, president, Digimarc ID Systems.
Each traffic police officer on duty will carry BIT's portable SmartCard reader in order to issue electronic tickets, and each driver in the province will be required to carry a SmartCard drivers license while operating a motor vehicle.