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 (drŏm′ənd, drŭm′-)
n. Nautical
A large medieval sailing galley.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman dromund, from Late Latin dromō, dromōn-, a kind of ship, from Late Greek dromōn, from Greek dromos, race.]


(ˈdrɒmənd; ˈdrʌm-) or


(Nautical Terms) a large swift sailing vessel of the 12th to 15th centuries
[C13: from Anglo-French dromund, ultimately from Late Greek dromōn light swift ship, from dromos a running]
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In the medieval Mediterranean chronology of the post-late antique world, in which Rome is no longer viable and Constantinople has replaced it, the two main fighting vessels under consideration are the Byzantine dromon and the Arab shalandi, which made up the bulk of the official navies of the opposing powers.
at most, which in a regular proportion for a dromon ship of 30 m.
Were they Byzantine dromons (long ships with two banks of rowers and two or three masts) or were they smaller ships (Pryor and Jeffreys, 2000)?
The rise of the Byzantine war galley known as the dromon (spelled with Greek letters in the book's title) has been seen as marking the transition from Roman to Byzantine maritime history, and its demise as marking the transition from the Early Middle Ages to the High Middle Ages.
Hay dos "personajes adicionales" en la escena octava del acto segundo; Dromon y Maquerion, dos cocineros interpelados por Antrax en la escena octava del acto segundo: