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n.1.(Zool.) The dodo.
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AxFlow Holding AB has announced that the complete business activities of Hendriks Techniek Flevo BV in Dronten, the Netherlands, were taken over by AxFlow's new subsidiary AxFlow Systems BV, making AxFlow a systems supplier throughout Europe.
Magnatech Europe BV The company is located in Dronten, The Netherlands, and is the sales and service organisation for the Magnatech Limited partnership for the regions of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
011 dwellings in and around the city of Dronten, in the province of Flevoland in the central part of the Netherlands.
It is managed up by David Truchot, who succeeded Dronten, Holland-based Oeble Kempenaar as the magazine's Europe representative on January 22.
May: Mahawada, 35-year-old Sri Lankan cuts his throat in the lavatory of the Dronten reception centre
Benjamin Hoeberichts, Wisentweg 20, 8251 PC, Dronten, The Netherlands.
Dronten, the Netherlands (Fax: 31-321-310124), may be known flor its potato products - including Texas-style specialties - but this year it will make itself known at Anuga (Hall 10.
Contract notice: 059 specifications for major repairs roads Dronten.
Dronten intends framework to engage with a supplier for the supply and maintenance of underground containers for the collection of garbage, PMD, OPK , glass, textiles and the like in its supply area.
The purpose of this tender is to conclude a framework agreement with one (1) party to provide WMO resources for people with disabilities in the municipalities Dronten, Northeast, Steenwijkerland and Urk.
Contract notice: Provision of 16135-10 passage dronten.
Contract notice:European tender comprehensive hazard insurance dronten.