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n.1.One who, or that which, drowns.
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There's the Screamer that will freeze you with their screams, the Drowner who lies waiting for you in water ready to pounce as they feign death.
On the other hand, one good toad strangler, gully washer or duck drowner will fill the ponds.
The Bill applies only to vertebrates in the care of man, he said, adding: "As a keen gardener, I am a regular drowner of slugs in beer.
Extra spice was added by the fact the visitors were being managed by David Hughes, a local lad and my fellow drowner of sorrows after Wales' defeat to Russia.
The distancing effect of an image allows for the easy construction of monsters--the child drowner, the nightclub bomber--but the proximity of human need can draw people back toward the communal ethics of hospitality, reciprocity and care.
s hiring of a disgraced journalist like Smith to the huge media circus surrounding NOW's support for convicted child drowner Andrea Yates.
Junior environment minister Ben Bradshaw said: "As a keen gardener I am a regular drowner of slugs in beer.
MATTHEW HITT Model and rocker Rhondda-born, he's the New York-dwelling catwalk king and frontman with achingly hip indie-pop outfit Drowners.
After moving to New York in August 2011, the Cardiff University English graduate met three fellow musicians in the Lower East Side pub Welcome To The Johnsons, after which Drowners were born.
This also marks the first time the Drowners will headline, offering fans a truly unique band and brand experience.
Support for the band comes in the shape of Drowners and Big Deal.
com/hmsmorris Drowners As frontman of New York-based Drowners, Rhondda-born Matthew Hitt has posed for some of the world's leading glossy magazines after being spotted aged 19 by a model agency while on holiday in the Big Apple.