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Noun1.pharmaceutical company - a company that makes and sells pharmaceuticals
company - an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
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Rees (consultant, pharmaceutical supply chain management) and 42 contributors provide a comprehensive reference and resource on supply chain management specifically for professionals in drug development and manufacturing, quality assurance and control, and other areas of the drug industry.
The genetic drug industry, noted Boothe, "is one of the good guys," since it pertains to groups that help to cut costs out of the health care system.
China's Drug Industry Raised to "Attractive" at Morgan Stanley.
The generic drug industry found itself in a swirl of controversy last year after three Food and Drug Administration employees pleaded guilty to charges of accepting bribes from several generic drug firms.
6% of sales in the biotech drug industry despite an average sales growth rate of 7% over the last two years.
Higher research expenditures have not resulted in more treatment options for patients, despite drug industry claims to the contrary, according to a report from the U.
Neither PhRMA nor Jarvis ever admitted that the sum came from the drug industry, but PhRMA has confirmed that it gave United Seniors an "unrestricted educational grant" in mid-2002.
Now, after 2 years of investigation, I am convinced from the evidence that the FDA's dependence on drug industry fees has created a deadly, unethical alliance and has caused a principal-agent, pro-drug industry shift that puts millions of Americans at risk.
While any reasonable price control legislation looks unlikely to materialize as long as our politicians remain in the deep pockets of the drug industry and its powerful lobby, we taxpayers are the ones paying for it.
Colombians have an ambivalent attitude toward the drug industry.
While the drug industry has long poured money into federal congressional campaigns, it didn't pay much attention to the states until the recent cost-cutting measures began.

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