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Celebrating 25 years in the business, Fabio and Grooverider chat here about the drum and bass scene.
Pat, who has been making his presence felt in the now-booming drum and bass scene since providing vocals on All Night by Austrian duo Camo and Krooked, was snapped up by the two artists who were both impressed with his strong, soulful vocals.
Cogley offered police an explanation for his driving, saying he was DUI of drum and bass, not alcohol or drugs.
DJ JA, whose real name is Jay Andrews, began experimenting with drum and bass back in 1992, when, while just 14 years old, he started mixing happy hardcore.
For those who don't know Sub Focus (otherwise known as Nick Douwma), he is an English drum and bass producer who has the uncanny knack of turning out hit tune after hit tune.
Now, as Hype fans will be delighted to hear, you can pick up a big, fat two CD mix of some of the hottest new tracks on the D'n'B scene as Hype (aka Kevin Ford) has just released Drum and Bass Essentials featuring music from the likes of Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Mampi Swift, Logistics, High Contrast, DJ Fresh and loads more, plus exclusive tracks from stars like DJ Marky and Dirtyphonics.
Michael, aged 31, of Carey Street, Bell Green, said they had experience of running club nights and added: "There is nothing out there in Coventry for young people into drum and bass.
It's announced the schedule for XtraBass 07, the annual drum and bass festival, and from March 5 to 11 the station will broadcast 16 hours of live music, touching down in seven cities in seven days.
One of the biggest names in drum and bass, Roni Size has done more than most to continually push the genre forward into new territory.
He is regarded by many as the pioneer in breaking drum and bass to a global audience.
Jungle, or drum and bass: Especially popular on television and radio commercials, jungle music, also known as drum and bass, features a double-time hiphop beat with almost any kind of melody imaginable.
Even growers whose taste inclines more towards Radio 3 recognise the merits of drum and bass.