Dry cup

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(Med.) a cup used for dry or wet cupping. See under Cupping.

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For a dry cup test, you place the material you want to test over a "cup" that has a desiccant in it.
I dry cup The Honest Kitchen Preference (hydrated with 2 cups of water)
In fact, only the dry cup value (test condition C1) exceeds an equivalent air layer thickness of 0.
It is the first launch by Premier Foods since it acquired Campbell's UK business in July and the first move by Batchelors away from its dry Cup A Soup positioning.
New to the market is House of Tsang Oriental dry cup soups, available nationally; shelf-stable House of Tsang Take-Out meals in test in select markets; and shelf-stable House of Tsang vegetables and sauce.
We know that you need a sheathing that goes between 1 perm and 3 perms as measured by a dry cup test and a wet cup test.
Each standard includes two methods--a dry cup or desiccant method and a wet cup or water method.
Test Procedure for Vapor Retarders: ASTM E-96 Test Method A (the desiccant method or dry cup method).