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or Du Pont

(duˈpɒnt, dyu-, ˈdu pɒnt, ˈdyu-)

Eleuthère Irénée, 1771–1834, U.S. industrialist, born in France.
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Before very long he married a woman from Saint Laurent du Pont, who had a little money.
If I met a working man and his wife in the streets between eleven o'clock and midnight on their way home from the Ambigu Comique, I used to amuse myself by following them from the Boulevard du Pont aux Choux to the Boulevard Beaumarchais.
Mike Peter, a licensed practical nurse at the prison, said that du Pont once said he wanted to go home on bail to obtain papers ``to help his case.
Du Pont introduced Neoprene, the world's first synthetic elastomer, over 60 years ago and has remained a leader in elastomers research and development, production and marketing.
announced an agreement with The Du Pont Merck Pharmaceutical Company to co-promote in the United States Burroughs Wellcome's Lamictal(R) brand lamotrigine, a new-generation anticonvulsant for epilepsy now awaiting release for marketing by the U.
Du Pont International, Geneva, Switzerland, (Du Pont Chemicals, Wilmington, Del.
The simplicity of the process allowed researchers in Japan and at the University of Houston and Du Pont to confirm the discovery promptly.
du Pont, a marketing and leadership expert and current Managing Director of Interactive Marketing for Answerthink, Inc.
du Pont is confined to a stark, spartan existence, one of his lawyers said.
Du Pont and Uniroyal Chemical announced their intent to form an alliance to share in the investment and market development of Hylene paraphenylene diisocyanate (PPDI), a key building block used in the manufacture of high performance polyurethane elastomers.