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Noun1.Dubya - 43rd President of the United StatesDubya - 43rd President of the United States; son of George Herbert Walker Bush (born in 1946)
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At a backyard cook-out, Dubya meets his future bride, Laura (Elizabeth Banks), an apolitical librarian.
Stone's biggest failing is that he does not address the story of 9/11 (particularly the stories of Dubya hiding under a table).
These are the evangelical extremists who swung it for Dubya, so McCain and Obama have to spout the same garbage - especially Barack Hussein Obama, already labelled the Anti-Christ by the religious right.
For "Dancin' Dubya," KAL wore a motion-capture suit and originated the presidential disco moves in the video.
Dubya spent last weekend with his mum and dad (Barbara and George Snr) at what the US media terms the "Bush family compound", an oceanfront estate at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport Maine overlooking the rocky Atlantic shore, playing host to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Clinton might have to remind voters that presidents sometimes change in office, that Nixon found it possible to go to China and that Reagan found it possible to propose total nuclear disarmament to Gorbachev and that Dubya found it possible to learn to pronounce Pervez Musharraf.
Perhaps Dubya, who can barely speak at all, is an Abstract Expressionist, his actions producing incomprehensible horrors in red.
Arnie - whose Austrian accent is usually so strong that he almost needs subtitles - announced his support for Dubya in tones that could have come straight from the Bronx.
What about the dissolution of Social Security or other social welfare benefits should Dubya and those who control his administration deinstitutionalize those benefits in favor of their wealthy patrons?
We can only hope this falls into the hands of Sharon and Arafat and in particular the deadpan but deadly Dubya.
In 1978 Dubya turned his attention to Arbusto Energy (that's "ar-BOOST-o," the Spanish word for "bush,' according to George W.