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 (do͞o-shäN′, dü), Marcel 1887-1968.
French-born modernist artist and a leader of the Dada movement in New York City who was the first to exhibit commonplace objects as art. His paintings include Nude Descending a Staircase (1912).


(French dyʃɑ̃)
(Biography) Marcel (marsɛl). 1887–1968, US painter and sculptor, born in France; noted as a leading exponent of Dada. His best-known work is Nude Descending a Staircase (1912)



Marcel, 1887–1968, French painter, in U.S. after 1915.
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Noun1.Duchamp - French artist who immigrated to the United StatesDuchamp - French artist who immigrated to the United States; a leader in the dada movement in New York City; was first to exhibit commonplace objects as art (1887-1968)
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Entre noviembre y diciembre de 1911, Marcel Duchamp (1877-1968) realiza en Neuilly tres dibujos sobre papel que ilustran, mediante un lenguaje esquivo y harto sumario, otros tantos poemas del simbolista frances Jules Laforgue (1860-1887): Mediocrite; Siesteeternelle; y Encore a cet astre.
En 1917, el frances Marcel Duchamp causo revuelo en la historia del arte contemporaneo, cuando expuso su "Fountain" ("La fuente"), un ready made firmado con el sudonimo "R.
La seleccion de obras, procedentes de 45 colecciones, abarca desde el cuadro inicial de Duchamp en 1910 hasta 1972.
But in 1915, European artists Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia had already met the American Man Ray in New York, forming a group dedicated to 'anti-art'.
Duchamp ha hecho de todo su criatura, dice el musico: "todo lo visto --cada objeto que es, mas el proceso de verlo--es un Duchamp".
On January 31, 2015 a video was uploaded showing a social experimentalist, Kenneth Duchamp convincing strangers throughout Hollywood that if he could amaze them with a magic trick they would have to donate $1 to a homeless man.
A cutout photograph of Johns's own face peers out of Johns Flag Above "White Ground, 1967-68; Duchamp Nu descendant un escalier, 1968, a filmic version of Duchamp's famous pre-readymade painting starring Sturtevant and Deborah Hay, puts Sturtevant in the figurative roles of Pygmalion and Galatea all at once; and Haring Untitled, 1987, appears related to Haring's murals in name alone.
En 1967, un ano antes de su muerte, Marcel Duchamp se autorretrato en una singular y mas bien pequena escultura donde un brazo de bronce sostiene una mascara del mismo material que recrea el rostro del autor.
Thomas Girst's THE DUCHAMP DICTIONARY (9780500239179, $29.
Most academic writing on Duchamp is densely theoretical and designed for a narrow group of specialists.
Marcel Duchamp se inicio en el mundo del arte como pintor y de hecho trabajo con algunos de los lenguajes pictoricos mas importantes de las vanguardias artisticas, experimento con ellos e incorporo elementos que nunca antes habian sido empleados.
Having something that I have designed be produced and sold within such a well-established brand like Duchamp is very exciting.